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Writing services provided

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'A Study of Reading Habits' by writing, Philip Larkin Critical Essay. Extracts from this document. 'A Study of luhrmann, Reading Habits' by Philip Larkin- Critical Essay By Rhianon Cunningham 'A Study of provided, Reading Habits' by a graduate application, Philip Larkin is writing provided, a poem that explores loneliness. Essay? It describes three stages of the portrayed characters life where he describes how he uses books as a way of coping with his feelings of isolation in the first person. Services? At the start, the poet writes about how as a child, the character read about heroes and villains in action adventure stories or comics. The second stanza then skips to a time when the character portrayed is a bit older and now reads horror novels. Then in the last stanza when the the ninety-five, character is an adult, the services, reader is application, told how he has given up on books as a way of writing, escape and has turned to thesis, alcohol instead.

The speaker's solitude is conveyed through the writer's use of word choice, imagery and writing services, structure. Thesis? In stanza one the reader can assume that the speaker is quite young and writing, perhaps still at school. . read more. Instead of doing so he reads to escape it, an activity which is, in essays on baz, itself, a lonely activity. The reader has limited sympathy towards the speaker at this point, limited as the reader can understand why he feels lonely, but the character doesn't do anything to change this. In the second stanza, we can see that the poem has skipped forward to a different time in the persona's life where he isn't any less of an outcast. 'Later with inch-thick specs' 'Later' shows the speaker is now older while 'inch-thick specs' suggests that he may use these 'specs' as a mask on the outside so shield himself from others while his books act as an outlet for writing provided his innermost desires and write a graduate application, again shield him from services others. On Baz? 'Me and my coat and fangs Had ripping times in the dark' This metaphor suggests he had fun in the night, however it could be seen as ambiguous which would then imply something darker and more violent. Services? . read more. The frank tone and colloquial language of the last line, 'books are a load of crap' suggests that the writer now realises that books are not a substitute for a happy life, and that he has wasted his life fantasising about being something he is not when he could have spent his time changing his life, making it better and himself more happy. He bitter tone also suggests that the character is still lonesome as at no point does he mention a companion or friend.

The reader now loses all sympathy for the persona, as they are as aware as he is of his laziness and instructions, reluctance to stop wishing away his worries and confront them. In conclusion, 'A Study of Reading Habits' by Philip Larkin is a poem where the poet explores the theme of loneliness. The reader's appreciation of the theme is deepened by writing provided, Larkin's skilful use of imagery, structure and word choice. . read more. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Philip Larkin section. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Here's what a teacher thought of this essay. The essay writer demonstrates some insight into the poem but cannot fully make the imaginative leap to empathise with the experience of the speaker. The poem is the study of a solipsist, an entirely self-obsessed individual who channels all his life-energies into his intense fantasies. Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 07/08/2013. Origami Essay? Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related GCSE Philip Larkin essays.

Examine Philip Larkinamp;amp;#146;s view of love and relationships expressed in his poems in The . Services Provided? The word 'effigy' hints this. Larkin reminds us there is more than meets the eye. In the third stanza, the sculptor, as first, can been seen as try to 'prolong' this love. This would have been the first impression on most readers. If the reader was to united, make a suggestion about the writing services, faith healer, it would be negative. The illusion is the faith healer trying to act like a genuine healer, but the reality is, he is a charlatan In the first stanza of michael, Love songs in Age, triplication is used, One bleached. Services Provided? amp;quot;Essential Beautyamp;quot; by Philip Larkin is a perfectly balanced poem of two 16-line stanzas. are trying to win over; those who have spent most of their lives trying to of america term, live on writing services, a very small income.

I found Philip Larkin's poem Essential Beauty quite unfathomable to begin with. Larkin has been criticised for origami essay a lack of sympathy in his poetry. Based on . have had some very strong feelings for the woman if he asked her to marry him yet he spoke about the services, whole time together as 'rehearsals' as if the relationship didn't matter to him at all. Luhrmann? Another example of the way Larkin treated women is in the poem 'A Study. What interests you about Larkin's use of language and verse form in three of . The word harsh is actually a harsh word, which adds more emphasis to the phrase. This technique is very effective because it immerses the reader in the journey of the protagonist as it actually halts their flow when the protagonist's train comes to a halt. Choose two poems in which Larkin explores places, Discuss his use of language, form . Larkin now creates a list of 1950's post war England and comments upon the domes and statues and the cranes that cluster, also, characteristically, he uses hyphenated words to gradually paint a detailed image of what he's observing. In this case it's grain-scattered streets and barge-crowded water. amp;quot;Afternoonsamp;quot; by Philip Larkin analysis. Their lives seem disciplined which is writing provided, shown through the fact the ?assemble? together.

It also suggests they are expected to do this every day as you do not usually have the choice to attend an assembly. There is a contrast between the lives of these mothers and their children. Analysis of The Explosion by the ninety-five, Philip Larkin. In addition, it is said that ?wives saw men of the explosion?, possibly further conveying how these people are still alive in writing services, the afterlife, and how the ?wives? perceive them to write application essay, still be alive and present on this Earth, possibly disillusioned by despair. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and feedback to. improve your own work. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and provided, Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. The Ninety-five? TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: This essay has been marked by a teacher! Sign up to view the whole essay and download a PDF with full teacher's notes. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month.

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Essay: The Unexpected Origins of Gandalf and provided the Dwarves. Note: The following essay was written by guest author Ewelina the Wonderer. The U nexpected Origins. – J. The Ninety-five? R. R. Tolkien’s inspirations for Gandalf and the Dwarves – by Ewelina the writing Wonderer. Well, it began as you might expect – with long-forgotten languages J. R. United Of America Term? R. Tolkien was so deeply fond of. Among the numerous sources of his linguistic inspirations, which attentive travelers are likely to encounter throughout the familiar Middle-Earth landscape, one language in particular had its share in writing services creating one of the most recognizable wizards in the history of contemporary literature – Gandalf the united states term paper Grey. “Many are my names in many countries, he said. Writing Services Provided? Mithrandir among the Elves, Tharkun to the Dwarves; Olorin I was in my youth in the West that is forgotten, in the South Incanus, in the North Gandalf; to the East I go not.” – Gandalf, “ The Lord of the Rings.

The Two Towers ” According to Middle-Earth’s linguistic legendarium, Gandalf translates as Elf-of-the-wand (or cane, or staff) – a name which was given to him by the Men of the North who, intimidated by his mysterious appearance, extraordinary skills and unnaturally long life, assumed he belonged to Elf-kind rather than the application essay world of Men. A grave mistake indeed considering the fact that Gandalf was originally… a dwarf! Tolkien ’s inspirations focused mainly on early Germanic literature, poetry and mythology, which were his chosen and much-loved areas of writing services provided expertise. A collection of poems in one of these languages known as Old Norse , a North Germanic language spoken by instructions, inhabitants of Scandinavia and services provided their overseas settlements during the Viking Age (VIIIth – XIIIth century), became an montaigne essay, undeniable background not only for the character of Gandalf the Grey but also for other familiar Middle-Earth heroes like Durin, Dwalin or Dain. This collection of poems was known as “ The Poetic Edda “. One of the Old Norse poems, titled “ Voluspa ” (“ Prophecy of the Seeress “), presents the creation of the world and its coming end in the words of a volva , a shamanic seeress, addressing Odin – member of the ?sir (a pagan pantheon of Norse gods) – who was a symbol of services provided war, victory and thesis death, but also of wisdom, shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy and the hunt. His most famous son, Thor , a hammer-wielding god known as the writing services protector of mankind, master of thunder, lightning and storms, was also associated with oak trees – a likely inspiration of essays Thror, Thorin’s grandfather, and the famous oaken shield as well. Thor’s Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic pagans, located somewhere in Hessia, in Germany. Like other sacred trees and groves it was believed to be linked to Yggdrasill , a gigantic ash tree which was the writing provided heart of Norse cosmology.

Its branches extended far into origami essay the heavens and writing its three enormous roots originated from the michael montaigne wells Ur?arbrunnr and Mimisbrunnr, and from the writing services provided spring Hvergelmir. Wondrous c reatures lived within Yggdrasil, including a dragon – Ni?hoggr, which gnawed at its roots trapping it away from the world; and of america term four magnificent stags: Dainn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Dura?ror, chomping at writing services, its branches. Paper? Dainn and writing Dvalinn also reappear in Norse mythology as dwarfish heroes, but here, in the context of the holy tree, it is the ninety-five thesis, believed that the four stags were either a symbol of seasons, moon phases or winds – with Dainn and Dvalinn being the calm ones and Duneyrr and Dura?ror – the heavy ones. Yggdrasil was also home to an unnamed eagle, perched on top of the ash tree, with Ve?rfolnir – a hawk sitting between his eyes; and Ratatoskr – a squirrel running up and down its trunk, passing news and gossip from the eagle to writing services provided the dragon. Ratatoskr passing news from Ni?hoggr to the nameless eagle living within Yggdrasil. Origami Essay? Artwork by services, Daniel Lieske. Thor’s Oak, like many other pagan holy trees, was destroyed during Christianization. According to the legend, it was cut down in the VII th century by the ninety-five thesis, an Anglo-Saxon missionary, Saint Boniface (Winfred), with a little help from some strong, mysterious wind. The timber from the tree was used to services create a wooden oratory. Saint Boniface chopping down Thor’s Oak. Dwarves , or Dvergar as they were called in Old Norse, were one of origami essay ?sir’s many creations – entities deriving from rocks and earth, acknowledged for writing provided their craft, metalwork, wisdom but also greed.

According to thesis “ Voluspa ”, dwarves originated from three primary tribes, led by Motsognir – their first ruler, secondly by Durinn and writing services finally by Dvalinn – the discoverer of rune writing. And while the character of Dwalin plays a minor role in instructions “ The Hobbit ”, Durin the Deathless remains one of the most important dwarven heroes in writing provided Tolkien’s mythology, being the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the luhrmann Dwarves and the founder of the legendary kingdom of services provided Khazad-dum. Even though the word Dvergar is etymologically related to michael essay Dwarves , the early Norse concept of Dvergar was far different from the concept of dwarves in other cultures. According to some scholars the ancient Norse originally described the Dvergar as human-sized, but the spread of provided Christianity led to diminishing both their mythic and religious role as well as their stature. Their skin color was described as pale, like a corpse, and their hair color was black.

The Dvergar were often called black – a term relating to their hair, beard and eyes, granting them another name – Svartalfar – meaning Black Elves . In contrast, to a graduate essay describ e black skin, Old Norse used another term – blue (blar) . One of the Dvergr bore the nickname of Blainn – The Blue One , who may have been an writing services, inspiration for Balin, Thorin Oakenshield’s companion in “The Hobbit” and the Lord of Moria from “ The Lord of the Rings ”. [Another possible source for Balin’s name comes from the legends of King Arthur, discussed in more detail later in the essay.] In addition, Dain and Nain, dwarven rulers closely related to Thorin, derived their names from Dvergar famous for their pale skin and united states corpse-like appearances – Dainn ( The Dead One ) and Nainn ( The Corpse ). Writing Services? In comparison, the name Dvalinn had a much more lively meaning – translating as The Unconscious One . Many Norse texts imply that Dvalinn is the united term paper ancestor of all Dvergar and his name stands for writing provided any or every Dvergr – calling female Dvergar “ the daughters of Dvalinn ” and the sun – “ the game of Dvalinn ” (since it was deadly to any Dvergr who had to dodge it every dawn). Norse mythology also mentions “ the drink of Dvalinn ”, also known as “ The Mead of Poetry ”, a beverage which granted its drinker the the ninety-five thesis skills of a scald or a scholar. Dvergar depicted in a 19th century edition of “Voluspa” (1895) by Lorenz Frolich. Considering all of services provided these facts it is more than apparent that “Dvergatal” (“Catalogue of Dwarves”) , an integral part of the “ Voluspa ” poem, became a perfect catalogue of dwarfish names for instructions Tolkien’s Durin-folk, granting them to heroes such as Fili, Kili, Bifur ( Old Norse: Bifurr ), Bofur (Bafurr), Bombur (Bomburr), Nori (Nori), Dori (Dori), Ori (Ori), Gloin (Gloinn), Fundin, Thror (?ror), Thrain (?rainn ) and of course Thorin ( ?orinn ) Oakenshield ( Eikinskjaldi ) . Services Provided? Tolkien came to regret his use of Old Norse names, referring to it as a “rabble of how to write a graduate essay eddaic-named dwarves invented in an idle hour” but decided to use Old Norse in “The Lord of the Rings” nonetheless, as an explanation for the origin of the language of writing Dale. “A rabble of eddaic-named dwarves invented in an idle hour” – J. R. R. Tolkien. Artwork by on baz, Dwalinroxxx. Numerous Dvergar names contain the syllable alf , from writing services provided, Alfar ( Elves ). Thankfully, Norse texts do provide us with a distinction between these two races and write the presence of services provided alf among dwarven names seems to instructions serve as a form of title – stating that its bearer was a source of good luck but also meaning a guardian or a deity. The best example for the aforesaid is a familiar Dvergar name – Gandalfr , the Old Norse forefather of Gandalf the writing services Grey, Middle-Earth’s tireless guardian and Thorin Oakenshield’s source of good luck indeed. Gandalf’s Norse name, meaning Cane-elf , is identical to its translation in Middle-Earth. E ven if Gandalf wore a dwarfish name along with his grey, battered robes, his roots were far more godly and essays on baz luhrmann mysterious.

Tolkien himself described Gandalf as an Odinic Wanderer – for writing provided Odin often wandered through Midgard, the World of Men, as a mysterious old man, dressed in billowing robes of dark blue, with a long beard and a traveler’s staff. The “ Ynglinga Saga” records that he visited “ distant lands on michael essay his own errands or those of others ”. “For aid? It has seldom been heard of that Gandalf the Grey sought for aid, one so cunning and so wise, wandering about the lands, and concerning himself in every business, whether it belongs to him or not.” – Saruman about Gandalf, “The Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers”. Odin, the Wisdom-Seeking Wanderer by Arthur Rackham (1911). The Wanderer was a relentless seeker and giver of wisdom, but he had little regard for communal values such as justice, fairness, respect for law and convention. He favored strong-willed outlaws but also warrior poets, distinguished by their intelligence, creativity and competence in the “war of all against all”. Most shamans, to whom Odin was a divine patron, had to undergo a ritual of death and writing rebirth in order to acquire their powers.

Odin underwent exactly such an united of america term, ordeal, just as Gandalf the Grey died in a duel with the services Balrog of Moria and was reborn as Gandalf the White , eclipsing the former head of his order, Saruman. Odin was accompanied by many symbolic animals. S ometimes he would ride an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir , described as the best of all mounts – just as Shadowfax, Gandalf’s steed, lord of the Mearas, was the best mount of king Theoden’s stables. Odin riding Sleipnir. Concept art by Michael Kutsche. Odin was also aided by a pair of ravens, Huginn (“ Thought “) and Muninn (“ Memory “), which flew over the universe and brought him valuable information from the World of Men – a possible inspiration for origami essay Carc, Roac and writing services their kin of ravens from the Ravenhill near Erebor, serving king Thror and, later on, his grandson. Odin/Wotan with Huginn and Muninn, by John Howe. This depiction of Odin – as the mysterious Wanderer – was one of the states of america paper main themes of Richard Wagner’s “ Der Ring des Nibelungen” (“ The Ring of the Nibelung” ) – a cycle of four epic operas, loosely based on the Norse sagas, involving a magical ring, a shattered sword, a powerful dragon and some greedy dwarves.

And as much as Tolkien enjoyed the Wanderer’s concept of Gandalf’s origin, he despised comparing his work to services that of Wagner’s. Write A Graduate Application Essay? Gandalf, unlike Odin, is not the chief of all gods or a shape-sifter, he’s not brutal and cares not for treasures. The Wanderer in the Metropolitan Opera’s interpretation of “The Ring” tetralogy. The Wanderer and Siegfried. It’s also worth mentioning that one of the dwarves from “ The Ring ” cycle, bearing the name Mime, from Old Norse Mimir or Mim (“ The Rememberer “), may have been an services, inspiration for Mim , one of the Petty-dwarves of the First Age whose fate was entangled with that of Turin Turambar’s from “ The Children of Hurin ”, just like Wagner’s Mime, equally untrustworthy and bitter, finds himself dependent on Siegfried, a young and fearless human hero. Siegfried and Mime. Mim captured by essays on baz luhrmann, Turin Turambar and his men. Artwork by Steamey. But Gandalf’s physical appearance was mainly related to a painting by a German artist and writing services provided poet, Josef Madlener, called “ Der Berggeist ” (“ The Mountain-spirit “), which Tolkien brought back as a postcard from his holidays in Switzerland. It shows an old man, with a white beard, wearing a wide-brimmed round hat and a long, red cloak, sitting on a rock under a pine tree.

He is talking to a white fawn that is nuzzling his hands and he has a humorous yet compassionate expression. Tolkien preserved this postcard and montaigne essay wrote on the paper cover in which he kept it: “ The origin of services provided Gandalf ”. “Der Berggeist” by Josef Madlener (1881-1967). It is more than likely that “ Der Berggeist” was in fact a portrait of origami essay Rubezahl , a mountain spirit of the writing services provided Krkonose Mountains , a mountain range located in the north of the Czech Republic (where he is known as Krakonos ) and the south-west of Poland (with Liczyrzepa or Waligora being his Polish names). He was a subject of many legends and fairy tales in German, Polish and Czech folklore, in which he was depicted as a capricious giant, gnome or spirit, the origami essay lord of the weather and master of the writing wild hunt, acting unexpectedly or playfully, sending lightning and thunder, fog, rain and snow from the mountain below, even while the luhrmann sun was shining. Like Gandalf, he was often described as an old man with a staff, sometimes wearing a huntsman‘s outfit. Services? According to thesis Polish folklore he was killed many times and writing services his symbolic grave can be visited in the village of Szklarska Poreba. Rubezahl’s statue in how to essay Krkonose Mountains. The list of inspirations for Gandalf seems an endless one.

Some scholars claim that Gandalf derived from Vainamoinen , a wise old man and a central hero of a Finnish epic poem “ Kalevala ”; who – like Gandalf – had immortal origins and departed on services a ship to the lands beyond the united states of america paper mortal world. Writing Services? Gandolf , an evil overlord, and Silverfax , a fast, white horse, were also one of the characters of a XIXth century fantasy novel, “ The Well at the World’s End ” written by caltech thesis instructions, William Morris, well known to services both Tolkien and his very good friend, C. S. Lewis. And of michael course there’s another wizard, whose fame still eclipses that of Gandalf’s – Merlin , the powerful magician from the Arthurian legends. Merlin’s origins, unlike Gandalf’s, were far from being angelic since he was said to writing services provided be a cambion – an offspring of michael essay a mortal woman and a demon father from whom he inherited his magical powers like shape-shifting and unnaturally long life. Among numerous descriptions of this character one of them seems very familiar – that of an old man with a long beard, short and hunchbacked, in a torn woolen coat, carrying a club. And yet this shabby sage, unlikely as it seems, was the chief advisor of king Arthur, just like Gandalf offered his council to services Thorin, Aragorn, Theoden and origami essay other important rulers of Middle-Earth. “ Gandalf was shorter in stature than the other two; but his long white hair, his sweeping silver beard, and writing his broad shoulders, made him look like some wise king of ancient legend. In his aged face under great snowy brows his eyes were set like coals that could suddenly burst into fire. ” – “The Fellowship of the origami essay Ring” “Merlin” by Alan Lee.

Tolkien must have enjoyed the legends about king Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. In 1925 he published a scholarly edition of XIVth century romance “ Sir Gawain and provided the Green Knight ” and essays on baz luhrmann – though only published this year – he had begun a poem titled “The Fall of Arthur” in the 1930’s, but probably abandoned it around the same time he was writing “ The Hobbit “. King Arthur, like Thorin, relied mainly on twelve of his best and most loyal knights: Lancelot, Gawain, Geraint, Gareth, Gaheris, Bedivere, Galahad, Key, Bors de Ganis, Lamorak, Tristan and Percivale, although some texts also include Agravaine, Sagramore and other less known warriors. Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth and Agravaine were Arthur’s nephews, just like Fili and Kili were the sons of Dis, Thorin’s sister. Sadly, Tolkien’s descriptions of the individual members of Thorin’s Company were short, robbed of memorable details, so establishing further connections between the knights of the Round Table and writing services any particular dwarves from how to write a graduate application essay, “ The Hobbit ” would seem a far-fetched supposition. Writing Services? Yet some similarities between both stories – Arthur’s and Thorin’s – remain open for discussion. Arthur was the first born son of Uther Pendragon and the heir to the throne of Britain, just as Thorin was the first born son of Thrain II, inheriting his rights to origami essay the throne of Erebor. Arthur claimed the crown by pulling out the Sword in the Stone in which it was buried by Merlin; a deed which could only be performed by provided, the rightful king of England. Origami Essay? Merlin led young Arthur to the sword himself, just as Gandalf supervised Thorin’s quest for Erebor in its early stage. Merlin advising Arthur – as portrayed in writing “Idylls of the King” by Gustave Dore (XIXth century).

And while Arthur never fought a dragon in his time, he did dream of michael one: “And as the king lay in his cabin in writing the ship, he fell in a slumbering and dreamed a marvellous dream: him seemed that a dreadful dragon did drown much of his people, and he came flying out of the west, and his head was enamelled with azure, and his shoulders shone as gold, his belly like mails of thesis instructions a marvelous hue, his tail full of tatters, his feet full of fine sable, and his claws like fine gold; and an hideous flame of fire flew out of his mouth, like as the land and water had flamed all of fire.” – “ Le Morte d’Arthur” by provided, sir Thomas Malory (XVth century) In the end, Arthur was betrayed by one of his most faithful knights, Lancelot, who robbed him of the treasure dearest to thesis the king’s noble heart – his wife, Guinevere . Lancelot, like Bilbo after he stole the Arkenstone, was exiled from king Arthur’s court, but returned to save the queen from her execution at the stake. And as Arthur pursued him in order to have his revenge, Mordred, his illegitimate son, took this occasion to writing services take over the rule of his kingdom. Arthur and Thorin are therefore forced to face their final battles shortly after the origami essay betrayal of their valued follower, defending their rights to their own realms, surrounded by enemies who were cunning enough to strike when the kings were most vulnerable. Mordred and Arthur me t on the battlefield of Camlann, Mordred was killed, and Arthur mortally wounded.

According to Malory’s “ Le Morte d’Arthur ” Guinevere is services provided, later on buried in the same tomb as Arthur, just as Thorin was buried with the Arkenstone after the Battle of Five Armies. Arthur’s nephew, Gawain, is one of the states of america term paper many casualties of the battle of Camlann, just as Thorin’s nephews, Fili and Kili, die by their uncle’s side in provided the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. And if Gandalf was Middle-Earth’s Merlin, and essays luhrmann Thorin Oakenshield – its king Arthur , then we must mention one more figure – sir Balin le Savage , also known as the Knight with the Two Swords , who – according to Merlin’s council – would become Arthur’s best and bravest knight. He’s described as “a good man of his hands and services provided of his deeds, and without villainy or treachery and origami essay without treason”, like his Tolkien alter ego, yet he meets a much more tragic end than Balin from “ The Lord of the writing services provided Rings ”, since he is mortally wounded by his brother in a dramatic duel, which results in their deaths. There is origami essay, also one more extraordinary theory about Gandalf’s origin – the secret of king Bladorthin . “From that the writing talk turned to the great hoard itself and to the things that Thorin and united of america Balin remembered.

They wondered if they were still lying there unharmed in the hall below; the spears that were made for the armies of the great King Bladorthin (long since dead), each had a thrice-forged head and their shafts were inlaid with cunning gold, but they were never delivered or paid for; shields made for writing services warriors long dead; the great golden cup of Thror, two-handed, hammered and origami essay carven with birds and flowers whose eyes and writing services petals were of jewels.” – “The Hobbit” by J. Caltech Thesis? R. R. Tolkien. In the early draft of “ The Hobbit ”, the wizard, who would later become the legendary Gandalf, bore the name of the aforesaid Bladorthin, whereas the name of Gandalf was originally given to the dwarven King Under The Mountain, the final hero known as Thorin Oakenshield. According to most translations, Bladorthin was most probably a Sindarin name meaning “ The Grey Country ”, a translation not so different from Gandalf’s elvish name, Mithrandir – “ The Grey Pilgrim ”. Tolkien seemed to like this name from services, a linguistic perspective, but somehow found Gandalf as a name more fitting for the character of the wandering wizard. The “Chief Dwarf” became known as Thorin , a name meaning “Bold One” , or “Darer” , and ultimately a more fitting designation for application the King Under the provided Mountain than “Staff Elf” had been, while the united states of america term wizard was able to utilize the appellation to better effect. And so the name Bladorthin was relegated to a great, long since dead king, a ruler of provided a realm or a city situated most likely near Erebor, with which he traded – Esgaroth, Dale, Rhun or Dorwinion perhaps, making him a human monarch rather than an elvish one. So which of these theories is true – a mountain spirit, an ancient hero, an angelic wanderer or a demon sorcerer? Perhaps we shall never know. But we must remember that Gandalf, like no other Middle-Earth character, is entitled to some secrecy and, elf or dwarf, a king or a wandering pilgrim, with or without a staff, kind or fearsome, shall always remain the Disturber of Peace, for montaigne “tales and adventures sprouted up and down all over the place wherever he went, in the most extraordinary fashion…”

Gandalf the Grey, by John Howe. For more on Tolkien’s inspirations: [1] J. R. R. Tolkien, Douglas A. Anderson, “The Annotated Hobbit: The Hobbit, or There and Back Again”. [2] Humphrey Carpenter, Christopher Tolkien, “The Letters of J. Writing Services Provided? R. R. Tolkien”. [3] Marjorie Burns “Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth”. I must just add that I think no author consciously bases their characters on one or two sources… it is the ninety-five thesis, Archetype. The Archetypes are there, in provided our collective unconscious, constantly recycled by new stories, new characters, while their essential symbolic nature remains the united states of america same. Still, in Tolkien’s case I have no doubt he was very conscious of what he was doing. He knew his Edda and the Kalevala, the Mabinogion and Le MOrt d’Arthur cover to provided cover and in united of america term the original languages and he drew upon services these sources from the very beginning when Earendil the Seafarer sprang from the twilight of his genius unfolding loosely based upon John the Baptist ;-). The above essay is a very thorough collection of literature Tolkien used to fuel his inspiration, very interesting to read and the pictures are beautifully chosen. True. The best example from this essay is king Arthur being betrayed by Lancelot for his queen with Thorin betrayed by Bilbo for the Arkenstone.

The motive of the caltech thesis betrayal of the most faithful friend or follower for one’s greatest treasure is so common in literature I wouldn’t state a firm opinion that the idea of Thorin/Bilbo/Arkenstone originated from the Arthurian legends. But it’s nice to think it may have had #128521; I just wonder what feminists would make of paralleling Guenevere and the Arkenstone #128521; Even if authors mainly use Archetypes as basis, in Gandalf’s case I feel that Tolkien really based his character heavily on services provided the stories of Merlin, Odin and michael montaigne the Dvergar as noted in the essay. Awesome work here I enjoyed the read. Excellent! I love the services way you’ve put together all these details. Thank you, Saralee #128578;

I knew the origin of the essays on baz dwarven names out of the writing services Voluspa and some of the other sources Tolkien used to create Gandalf and Durins folk…about a connection Thorins to Arthur I was thinking sometimes but did never realize how much similarities they have indeed…Thanks for the excellent essay, Ewelina, much to think about further.. Not that many common elements, but it’s a nice thought #128578; In the write a graduate end Thorin turned out to services provided be a much more likeable hero than Arthur – since he forgave Bilbo. Arthur’s last words were not about forgiveness. Thanks for on baz luhrmann reading #128578; Not to be nitpicking but the dwarves werent the creation of the services provided Aesir, they sprung from the jotun side of the origami essay family tree.

For the Norse mythology, the race of writing services dwarves was born with worms of the flesh of the thesis giant Ymir, who was killed by the first three deities exist (Odin, H?nir and Lodurr). These same gods were also the first among the Aesir. The Dvergar were created from the dead body of giant Ymir, killed by Odin, that’s true. But they were probably created by the gods – “The Voluspa tells an origin of dvergar, which are created by the gods in the shape of services humans. Alternatively, it might be read dvergar created the shape of humans. The text is unclear (…)” – “Then all the Powers went to united states of america paper the thrones of fate, the sacrosanct gods, and considered this: who should form the lord of the dwarfs. out of Brimir’s blood and from Blain’s limbs?” Thank you for a very comprehensive overview, of so many contributing inspirations. Even being familiar with the Norse mythology, it’s enlightening to writing services provided read another’s interpretation. I’ve not seen some of your accompanying art renderings, which was a pleasure also.

Yes, the images are very inspiring so you can just imagine Tolkien admiring them and his thoughts unraveling… A great essay! The history of how to a graduate Thor’s oak is fascinating, and writing provided something I never knew. Montaigne? You did a great job interweaving everything, especially the connections between Arthur and Thorin. Writing Services? Christopher Tolkien will be releasing additional translations that Professor Tolkien did. Hopefully he has ‘The Fall of how to application Arthur’ on the slate to be published someday, Thanks for a lot of provided great research. I also love that Gandalf stemmed from Dwarvish roots. I think they published ‘The Fall of Arthur’ this year… Thank you very much for you kind words.

It was a real joy to write this article. I’ve found out many new things myself #128578; And perhaps “The Fall of Arthur” will bring us new topics for discussion about the Middle-Earth and Arthurian legends similarities. Article very interesting and well done! I’m an Italian girl heathen and Tolkien fan, I know I can only caltech, appreciate this work of yours. Happy also to writing provided have discovered this blog! Wonderful essay!

It never came to my mind that Gandalf could have something to do with Krakonos! Totally blew my mind! Thank you so much for origami essay this explanation and writing services provided thoughts. Have something to ponder about michael essay, #128521; You can imagine my reaction when I’ve found out! I’ve visited Karkonosze Mountains only provided, last year – I’d have paid far much more attention to the statues of Krakonos then! #128578;

I knew about Rubezahl (Krakonos) from my childhood. My grandparents were from Silesia and told me about him being the guarding spirit of the country. Thesis Instructions? I must admit Gandalf watching over the Shire – especially in the first movie – the writing services resemblance hits home with me. It’s interesting to see how Tolkien just took the things straight of of the Norse myths in the beginning, and luhrmann then refined his literary creation process so much… In his early writing, the services provided borrowed elements were raw. It’s nice to have this document about the Dwarves and their mythological origins. At university, both of my thesis were on Norse topics. One particular chapter was about Tolkien’s… Elves.

Now I wish I had focused on the Dwarves, because they are so dear to me #128578; But, from the academic point of view, it is united states term, very interesting to see where exactly the writer took his Elves from and writing services provided which traits exactly he chose to develop… In a way, now, I have the feeling that Peter Jackson and his team went to that level – continued Tolkien’s work and origami essay refined the race of the Dwarves.

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Advanced Higher French - Discursive Writing. This kind of provided writing is required when you are asked to write an essay which presents two sides of an origami essay argument. The ability to services provided do this is montaigne, also useful for answering questions on literary texts. Marks are given for: content and organization of ideas quality of French in services, terms of structures, vocabulary and authenticity accuracy (spelling and grammar) Most marks are given for the first two bullet points. Therefore, it is important to have a clear plan for your essay (to make sure that the material is arranged logically) and to use vocabulary and expressions that have a genuine French ring to them rather than sounding like English translated into French and to be generally more adventurous with vocabulary and structures. You are asked to write between 200 and 300 words.

Presenting a series of convincing 'for and against' arguments in so few words is more difficult than if you were writing a longer essay. It is important, therefore, to plan your essay carefully and assemble your ideas before starting to write. Essays Luhrmann! Planning the structure of your essay. Services! The simplest and most effective structure consists of: an origami essay introduction the writing, main body of the states, essay, i.e. arguments for writing services provided, ( thèse ) and thesis arguments against ( antithèse) conclusion ( synthèse) First plan out the 'for and writing services provided against' arguments. The introduction and the conclusion will both be easier to write when you have done this. Start by writing the main idea or cause for debate (not necessarily the title) at the ninety-five thesis the top of the page. Leave a gap and draw a line down the middle of the page. Label the services, two sides 'pour' and 'contre' or 'avantages' and 'inconvénients'. Origami Essay! Leave another gap for your conclusion. Provided! Some people prefer the a graduate essay, spider's web form for organising their ideas. Others like to write down phrases or words that come to mind as they work through the arguments.

If you choose this method leave yourself plenty of space so you can circle phrases and link them with a pencil line. When you have finished your outline it is a good plan to number your ideas in the order you want to present them. Remember that your best ideas and strongest points are most effective when they are put last in a paragraph or list. You should therefore keep your own point of services view for the second half of the united term, essay and end up with your main point. This will lead you more naturally into provided your conclusion.

La dégradation de notre planète est un processus continuel: on peut le ralentir mais on the ninety-five, ne peut l'arrêter. Here is a topic for debate on an environmental issue, showing how facts and ideas might be assembled: Dégradation de la terre. on ne peut l'arrêter. 2. Population - les gens se multiplient. 3.Industrie - pollution de l'air, de l'eau. Production de nourriture. 1. Instabilité de la nature. Writing Services Provided! - impossible de contrôler. - tempêtes, tremblements de terre. 4. United States Of America Term! Gouvernements ne sont pas en accord. on services, peut le ralentir. Origami Essay! 1.a) contrôle de la pollution, progrès déjà faits.

3. -recyclage des déchets. - sources d'énergie épuisables - charbon, pétrole - conserver. 4. Provided! nouvelles sources. 1. b) capacité de l'homme pour la sauver. 5. The Ninety-five! contrôle des naissances. Both this way and the spider diagram way of assembling ideas rely on writing down words or phrases in French so that you get an writing provided overview of write application essay your thinking and put some order into the ideas for and those against. Avoid making notes in English and trying to translate them into French. Writing Services Provided! This nearly always leads to anglicized French. If you have read a number of articles and discussed the topics of essays in class, you should find that phrases stick in you mind. It helps it you make a habit of writing down useful words and united of america phrases on various themes and if you read through these at regular intervals, including the period before the writing services, exam.

Having made your plan, and decided which side of the argument you support, you need to write an introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to thesis present the theme which you are going to debate. It can often take the form of a restatement of the title and be expressed as a question to writing services provided be answered. So taking the montaigne, title of writing this essay you could begin: Est-ce que nous sommes condamnés à accepter la dégradation de notre planète comme inévitable ou pouvons-nous jouer un rôle préventif en limitant autant que possible les effets de la pollution? You could also make use of a general statement linked to origami essay the topicality of the theme: Les médias ne cessent de nous signaler presque tous les jours de nouveaux exemples de la destruction de notre environment and follow this by a question: Cette dégradation, est-elle inévitable ou pouvons-nous limiter ou même la contrôler? Having written the introduction begin with the side you do not support.

Present your ideas in their most effective order, keeping to one idea per paragraph. It makes a better impression if you avoid plunging in writing services, with subjective statements like: je crois; je pense; je suis convaincu; or à mon avis. Term Paper! Keep you personal convictions for the conclusion. You can present facts more objectively by: using an impersonal verb form:- Il est impossible d'ignorer les problèmes posés par la surpopulation using the writing services provided, 1st person plural of the verb:- Considérons un problème difficile à ignorer: la surpopulation using the on form:- On ne peut pas ognorer les problèmes posés par la surpopulation. Essay! It is better not to overuse these forms though. It is more succinct and just as impersonal to write: Le problème de la surpopulation est préoccupant. Writing Services Provided! Having given one side of the how to write a graduate essay, argument you need to indicate that you are changing your viewpoint. You can do this:- in the beginning sentence of writing provided a paragraph:- Ayant examiné l'impossibilité d'arrêter la dégradation de notre planète, considérons l'antithèse/considérons le problème sous un autre aspect in michael montaigne, a short paragraph on writing provided, its own:- Face à cette situation que faire? Accepter notre impuissance à réaliser quoi que ce soit ou, par contre, adopter une attitude plus sensée en supposant que nous sommes capables au moins de minimiser la dégradation du globe.

A rhetorical question (a question to which you do not give an immediate answer) is a very useful bridging device. Having presented the opposing, and in your opinion, the more convincing side of the essays on baz luhrmann, question, all you need to do is add a short paragraph in conclusion. Provided! This can: simply state your standpoint:- Quoiqu'il ne nous soit pas possible d'arrêter totalement la dégradation de la planète, je suis persuadé(e) que nous possédons la capacité et les moyens pour contrôler et minimiser les dangers qui menacent l'environnement point a lesson:- Un pas en arrière, deux pas en avant: cela semble résumer le progrès de notre civilisation et ce sera de la même manière qu'on arrivera à résoudre les problèmes de la dégradation de la terre express a hope:- Je préfère vivre dans la certitude que l'homme est capable de résoudre ce problème et dans l'espoir que des mesures seront prises dans un contexte mondial. The Ninety-five! It would be an enormous task to give a definitive list of vocabulary and writing services provided phrases that could be used in any argumentative essay. Caltech Thesis Instructions! The folowing list is based on what students have found useful in provided, giving structure to a piece of writing. States Of America Term! It provides only services a series of signposts or markers which you will have to fill out with your own ideas and facts. You will find that these marker or structure words sometimes bring you to instructions a halt when trying to put your ideas into provided order. This is essay, because 'thinking in French' (for the purposes of writing) is writing services provided, often a mixture of thinking in michael montaigne essay, two languages, unless you are totally immersed in them both.

So, having remembered an authentic phrase like tous les jours la situation devient de plus en plus préoccupante , you come to a dead stop with 'according to writing services provided certain scientists' because you can't think of on baz 'according to' or the word for writing services, 'scientists' does not come to on baz mind ( selon certains scientifiques). The following words and phrases are given with an English equivalent and services provided sometimes given a context: Introductory paragraph Nous vivons dans un monde où la violence est devenue une norme (we live in a world where violence has become a norm) Chaque année le nombre d'actes terroristes augmente (every year the write essay, number of acts of terrorism is increasing) Il n'est guère possible d'ouvrir le journal sans y découvrir un nouvel exemple de l'inhumanité de l'homme (you can scarcely open a newspaper without finding a fresh example of man's inhumanity) La violence lors des matchs de football est désormais un problème courant (violence at football matches is a very common problem nowadays) 2. How to refer to the title as a whole if necessary. Cette affirmation/cette déclaration/cette proposition mérite d'être examinée de plus près (This statement deserves to be looked at more closely) 3. Paragraph openings. Examinons d'abord/examinons en premier lieu l'aspect négatif de la question (Let's look first of services provided all at instructions the negative side) Abordons ce problème par une étude de la situation actuelle (Let's tackle this problem by looking at provided the present situation) Prenons le cas du chômage de longue durée (Take the case of long-term unemployment) Citons l'exemple de ceux qui ont été condamnés à tort pour un crime (Take the example of those wrongly accused of thesis a crime) On peut invoquer plusieurs raisons pour que ce probème demeure (We can think of several reasons why this problem will continue) 4. Structure words within the provided, paragraph. Thesis! Plusieurs facteurs ont contribué à la densité de la circulaion en ville: d'abord les transports urbains ne sont pas suffisants; ensuite la voiture est plus confortable que l'autobus, et enfin le prix des carburants reste relativement modéré ( Several factors have contributed to the density of writing provided traffic in towns: in the first place urban transport is not adequate; next cars are more comfortable than buses and essays on baz luhrmann lastly the price of services provided fuel is thesis, relatively low [not currently the case!]) d'une part. Writing Services Provided! d'autre part. ( on states term paper, the one hand. on the other hand) D'une part nous ne comprenons pas encore tous les mécanismes de notre climat mais d'autre part certaines tendances comme les sécheresses prolongées sont bien évidentes. cependant; pourtant; néanmoins; tout de même ( All have the writing, approximate meaning 'however'; 'yet'; 'nevertheless'; 'all the same'. bref; en un mot ( in a word; in short) Bref, quelle autre solution peut-on envisager? ( In a word, what other solution can be imagined? quant à. ; en ce qui concerne. ( mean 'as far as. is concerned') dans ce domaine (in this field, area [of thought, activity]) dans le domaine de la physique nucléaire (in the field of the ninety-five thesis nuclear physics) à cet égard (in this respect) par conséquent/en conséquence (as a result) étant donné que (given that) d'une façon ou d'une autre (one way or another) aprés tout (after all) en réalité/en effet (in fact/in reality) malgré (despite) malgré toutes les prédictions des écologistes (Despite all the ecologists' forecasts) grâce à (thanks to) Grâce aux actions des Amis de la Terre (Thanks to the actions of writing services provided Friends of the montaigne essay, Earth). 5. Impersonal statements introduced by ' il ' il est + adjective + que + noun: Il est évident/possible/certain/clair que cette politique. (It is possible/probable/certain/clear that this policy. ) [N.B. see grammar book for the use of the subjunctive after some phrases of services provided this type] il est + adjective + de + infinitive: Il est dangereux de fermer les yeux devant cette situation; il est impossible d'ignorer ces problèmes; il est facile de ne rien faire; il est important de considérer toutes les possibilités. 6. Thesis! Some other very important phrases. Writing Provided! il faut (it is necessary) il faut comprendre il faudrait (we ought to; we should) il faudrait s'arrêter de dire (we should stop saying) il reste peu de temps (there's not much time left) il reste peu de temps pour trouver une solution il manque des ressources/il y a un manque de ressources (resources are lacking/there is a lack of resources il s'agit de/il est question de (it is a question of) il s'agit d'une question de valeurs personnelles/il est question de valeurs personnelles il suffit de + noun/infinitive (all that is needed is..) il suffit d'un sourire pour faire confiance aux gens/ il suffit de dire non! Le nombre d'accidents de la route augmente/s'accroît (The number of road accidents is states of america paper, rising). Writing Services! Le taux de naissances diminue (The birth rate is falling/dropping). Une augmentation des salaires (An increase in salaries).

Une baisse sur les marchés internationaux (A fall on essays on baz, the foreign markets). Une hausse des niveaux de la mer (A rise in sea levels). Provided! Le coût de la vie est en hausse (The cost of living is origami essay, up). 8. Writing Provided! Numbers of people or things. La plupart des gens sont. Essays Luhrmann! /Bien des gens sont. Writing! (The majority of people/ Many people are. Michael Montaigne! ). Beaucoup de gens ont refusé de payer leurs impôts (Many people have refused to pay their taxes). Certains prétendent que l'impôt est injuste, d'autres affirment le contraire (Some claim the tax is writing services provided, unfair, others say the origami essay, opposite). Comme nous l'avons déjà dit/ signalé/fait remarquer/indiqué/affirmé/constaté/souligné (As already stated/indicated/pointed out/shown/noted/stressed). 9. Perhaps/may be. Nos scientifiques ont peut-être tort Peut-être nos scientifiques ont-ils tort Peut-être qu'ils ont tort nos scientifiques N.B.

Inversion is needed if you begin with peut- être. Services Provided! Similarly with sans doute: Sans doute ces opinions sont-elles mal fondées (Doubtless these opinions are not well-founded). Note also: Il se peut que is followed by the subjunctive - Il se peut que nous ayons tous tort (It may be that we are all wrong). 10. Times and periods. States Of America Term! de nos jours/à l'époque actuelle/à l'époque où nous vivons (at the present time/nowadays etc.). à l'avenir (in the future). les générations futures (future generations). autrefois (formerly). Services! jadis (in times past). du temps de mon grand-père (in my grandfather's day). à l'âge de pierre (in the stone age). à l'époque médiévale/victorienne (in medieval/victorian times). au début du siècle (at the essays luhrmann, beginning of the century). dans les années 90 (in the nineties). Writing Provided! pendant longtemps (for a long time). en moins d'un siècle (in less than a century).

11. Luhrmann! Giving examples/quoting opinion. citons en exemple/à titre d'exemple prenons l'exemple de/le cas de (let's take the example of) selon certains chercheurs (according to some researchers). Writing Provided! à en croire les experts (if the experts are to be believed). l'un des exemples les plus frappants (one of the most striking examples) N.B. the French spelling - ' ex e mple' certains disent que. d'autres prétendent que. (some say that. others claim that. ). Comparées à nos autoroutes, celles de France sont mieux entretenues et aménagées (Compared to our motorways, the caltech instructions, French ones are better maintained and have more facilities). faisons une comparaison entre/avec (let's make a comparison between/with). si l'on compare notre époque à celle d'avant-guerre (if you compare out times with those before the war). en contraste à/par rapport à la situation actuelle (compared with the situation today). Le professeur français est mieux payé que son homologue britannique (The French school teacher is better payed than his British counterpart). tout bien considéré (taking everything into consideration). Provided! en fin de compte (whe all is said and essays on baz done). Writing Services! il faut conclure que (we must conclude that). Origami Essay! en conclusion affirmons que.. Services Provided! (in conclusion let us say that..) Au lieu de sombrer dans le désespoir je préfère adopter une attitude optimiste (Instead of wallowing in despair I prefer to essays on baz luhrmann take an optimistic attitude). Quite!

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essay on writing, art museum over them every day since seeing it at the museum. As for a critique of the paper Art Museum, I was a bit disappointed. Upon entering the museum I could tell that each of the older museum workers were on their toes with myself, and my two friends. We were each dressed very nicely and spoke politely while walking through. Provided. I felt as though they did not trust us and we were spoken to several times on things that I did not find to montaigne, be appropriate. Services. As for the museum itself, I enjoyed each and every individual. The Differrent Types of Museums Essay. has no history means there is no future and lost generation. In addition, Museum as a repository of historical and cultural treasures of the country. Museum of commitment and high sense of responsibility to save and montaigne, protect human and environmental heritage.

Activities save and conserve followed with equipment information and documentation before the services books are published for dissemination to the public. Thesis Instructions. Accordingly, the museum can be seen as the finders and collectors of information to the public. For. harmony with nature,” which was stated in the Haystack’s information card but can clearly be associated with The Turning Road as well. According to the museum information card on Derain’s piece, “choreographed forms of villagers all sway to an integrated rhythm,” giving this painting movement. This can also be seen in Benton’s piece since the museum. History and Museum – Instilling National Identity and Multiculturalism by display of History in Museum. ” (Lu 2014,p.132) As Tracey Lu mentioned, those historical information are actually disseminating the message to all visitors in mainland China and overseas concerning the victories and writing services provided, achievements of the Communist Party of China through museum.

National Museum of China in the ninety-five, this case obviously taking the role of spreading national identity and services provided, education China is a multi-ethnic country which has 56 ethnic groups in total. Han is the biggest ethnic group in China. There are still numbers of ethnic. accounts it is how to write, known that music was an important part of Japanese life from the earliest of times. Writing Provided. Original Japanese music was of united states a folk music nature, simple and repetitious, until influenced by Chinese music.

It was during the Heian period that Museum Collection 5 Chinese instruments were included. From this came distinctly Japanese characteristics of music, also known as hogaku. Gagaku which means elegant or refined music and is intended to envelope the listener and provided, produce an experience. The Phoenix Art Museum: The Impact of Art Essay. Since its opening in 1959, the write application essay museum has been hugely popular, so much so that it has undergone renovations to be enlarged three different times, in 1965, 1996, and recently in 2004 (“Artcom Museums Tour”). This immense museum has something for everyone, and hosts well over 200,000 visitors each year (“Artcom Museums Tour”). In this way, this location not only allows thousands of people the services provided opportunity to experience great art and culture, it is an easy way to positively impact the how to application essay economy of . For. Considerations for Finding Art Pieces or Artifacts for a Museum- Historical Importance Versus Revenue. Accuracy in depiction of historical display also needs to be carefully considered while setting up a museum. Writing Services Provided. Huxtable, from [Source E] has a valid point when she argues that the Colonial Williamsburg reenactment is too “sterilized.” The recreated town does indeed lack the michael essay filth, squalor and oppression of a colonial town, but the town does convey some of the cultural essence. Today’s cities are “the gritty accumulation of the writing services provided best and worst we have produced,” and we know this well.

What if in. Collections of different types of states of america paper art are acquired through various methods, such as donation, field ,collection, transfer from another organization, or purchase. Writing Services. Art museums, for example, generally acquire fewer items than cultural history museums, because art works tend to be more expensive. Museums that maintain collections hold them in trust for the benefit of society and the ninety-five thesis, its development. They have the duty to acquire, preserve and promote their collections as a contribution to safeguarding a. Entering the door of the Museum of Art there were painting and sculptures everywhere, only a man of writing fine taste and elegance would have a building just for his masterpieces. I could not believe the amount of art effects that was displayed in this museum. The first painting was by Rembrandt van Rijn Lamentation, c 1650, in origami essay, this painting you can clearly see, light vs. dark, there was also an portrait called the Portrait of a Woman that was listed as Rembrandt, however, it was stated on provided, the information. traffic through the museum. “Social, cultural, and caltech thesis instructions, educational activity in the museum is a major goal, and provided, is not exclusive to the viewing of thesis art,” said Mercer. These efforts can be separated into general and outreach programs and services provided, programs involving special exhibitions and events. Caltech Thesis. Museum membership and the revenue earned from writing services provided membership play significant roles in the success and daily operations of CAM.

The museum and its members have a symbiotic relationship. Essays Luhrmann. Members provide the museum with a volunteer. I selected this piece of writing services provided art because the car jacks lifting the origami essay art work off the ground caught my attention. As I observed the art work I was wondering why he selected car jacks as the support system. Writing Provided. The most disturbing piece of art in the museum I was able to view was the “Dogs Killing Rabbit” by Susan Rothenberg.

Susan Rothenberg was born in essays, Buffalo, New York in 1945. Services Provided. This artwork depicts a rabbit being outnumbered and killed by dogs, while being overlooked by origami essay the dogs’ owners who are in complete. Essay on Museum: Impressionism and writing provided, Artist. I also like the look on the child’s face as he looks at St. John looking at Madonna. 11.) Title: Head of a Warrior Artist: Unknown The woman looks very wicked. However the carving is well done and detailed. 12.) Title: Nativity Artist: Vallee d’ Aosta I really like the fact that this carving is done in montaigne, 3D. It felt as though I was actually in front of the nativity scene. 13.) Title: The Holy family with the infant, St. John, the Baptist Artist: Giorgio Vasari The colors.

We were scared because as we got closer the door opened by itself and it was real dark so I gave my mom the services provided flashlight that is on my phone and she went in first and there was another sign that said enter and pointed down and we had to crawl through a tunnel as we got in the tunnel and turned a corner there was a family hiding in there this is what they called hiding places they were hiding from the Nazi’s underground. We then entered the Box car and seen how much room they had to travel in the trains. The building has been divided into many sections as per the subjects and the ninety-five, periods of provided history. I was not surprised when I looked around me and united states of america paper, saw all kind of people speaking different languages, they are from writing services provided different background and the ninety-five thesis, some of them are from foreign countries. People come here to services, make memories, educate themselves and spend quality time, and they come with cameras in their hands to states of america, document these moments, to capture some of the artifacts, and writing services, so we did.

The first thing we did. Essay on Art Critique- Denver Museum. what he was trying to make. The content of the thesis work is that the labels and colors represent the Ghanaian practice of naming textiles, which reveals a lot about the culture and history of the place that the artist is from. While walking through the museum. New Revenue Streams for the National Maritime Museum Essay. the museum due to services, their need in marketing campaigns through this premises or education.

Audio guides who would deliver tour in few foreign languages as tourists are contributing highly in visitor numbers. Cooper (2012) said that Americans, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and michael montaigne essay, Europeans are coming by writing services coach in big groups, so additional language is seen as must have. Audio guides would contribute to better history understanding and at the same time there would be full interaction while at origami essay, the museum. Without. Cultural Event Report - the Philadelphia Art Museum Essay.

visited the museum it was a treasure hidden in my back yard! Being there with my fiance, makes me realize that even when I considered myself totally ignorant about Latin History and art, that I have learned a lot taking this course, I’m now aware about different styles, and details that make me feel I’m understanding and be able to describe not only a painting but maybe comparing them with the time and the context in which they were created. Services Provided. I had a great experience visiting the museum and would. The Phoenix Art Museum Essay examples. While focusing on the Madonna’s face wed can notice that it is calm, and totally emotionless. In advance, Madonna’s cheeks are rosy-red in comparison to her pale-white skin. While looking in to her eyes they are longing and empty, that can prove the amount of sacrifice that she committed in order to how to essay, bring in to the world God’s son Jesus.

In advance, body language Madonna possesses tells the viewer that she is a loving mother. This can be seen by the way her hand is placed on the infant Jesus’ leg. The Midwestern Comtemporary Art Museum Essay. The statement allowed for certain exceptions for contributions of services and works of art, historical treasures, and similar assets. Services. Therefore, the artwork donated to MCA was an exception, but the money pledges were not. Essay. This statement issued was to be effective December 15, 1994. This meant that when the Smiths pledged $5 million, at the end of 1994, MCA had to claim this pledge even though they had not received the full amount of $5 million, let alone hardly any of that amount.

There are many. Is the Museum of Tolerance Itself Tolerant? Essay example. In order to get their general point across, they have to make as general and non-specific an experience as possible (at least in the Tolerancenter before the Holocaust Exhibit). Moving through the museum, you come to a wall with three timelines running concurrently: the first dealing with historical events, the second with events of intolerance, the third with events that would contribute to weakening intolerance in the future. This is writing, my main area of contention with the origami essay Tolerancenter.

It is. The Museum of writing services provided Fine Arts: Madonna and Child with Souls in Purgatory. Reni, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Giovanni Battista Gaulli, and michael, Fra Andrea Pozzo. Services Provided. The great Spanish painters Diego Velazquez, Jose de Ribera, and Francisco De Zurbaran were also from the Baroque period. James Voorhies, art historian of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, describes the thesis characteristics of Baroque art as, “dramatic expression, emphatic naturalism, and writing, intense chiaroscuro derived from the profound influence of Caravaggio (1571–1610).”2 The biggest patron of the michael arts, the provided Catholic Church, seated. Report on Chicago Art Museum Greek Classics Essay. This is not unlike our modern use of headstones, which in caltech thesis instructions, many cases are stele although they do not go by that name. Stele are an important part of Greek civilization because death was very prominent back then. Mortality rates were very high, especially for children, so it would not have been uncommon for services, a young child to die.

On top of showcasing death in Greek society, it also gives us a look at a few other aspects. Essay. For instance, from this image we are able to see what kind of pets would have. Health Care Museum Coaching Document Essay. Exhibit C: Nursing Modern nursing began in England when Florence Nightingale organized the nursing corps during the writing provided Crimean war in the 1850’s, and Dorothea Dix created a civil war nursing corps, according to “Health in America Milestones of Nursing”. The United States like today , wages that nursing receive after going through nursing school are pretty good, averaging 18.00 a hour, starting as a new nurse. Dating back before the 1900’s, nursing was a low- wage work force, because it was one of michael montaigne essay the. The American Museum of Natural History: Anthropology Essay. Evolution is a long process that can happen for many reasons. One way humans became the writing services provided way they did was from a common idea of states paper natural selection. The traits that were needed to survive would express themselves more and more over writing services time.

This would happen because whoever did not have these traits probably could not have survived and died. This could happen for thesis instructions, many reasons but the most likely would be a change in surroundings or environment. The evolutionary trends of the humanbeing toward being. Identification of Statins in Rice Fermented with Monascus Species from the Museum of Natural History. It is writing provided, concluded that angkak rice can be produced from the different Monascus strains available from the Museum of Natural History.

Nonetheless, the on baz calibration curve limits may be extended in services, further studies, and additional analytical tests can be done to confirm the identity of the compounds. Abbreviations: Hydroxymethylglutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA), Museum of Natural History (MNH), Ultraviolet spectrophotometer (UV Spec) Keywords: angkak, atorvastatin, Monascus, Monascus anka Nakazawa and Sato. Essay about Reclining Pan in thesis, the St. Louis Art Museum. Six forms of services Avalokitesvara in Mahayana were great compassion; great loving-kindness; lion-courage; universal light; leader amongst gods and men; and the great omnipresent Brahman. Each of this bodhisattva's six qualities of pity, etc., breaks the hindrances respectively of the hells, pretas (hungry ghost), animals, asuras (demi god), men, and devas. After the introduction of origami essay Mahayana Buddhism to China in around the writing fourth to fifth centuries AD, he's been named Guanshi'yin or Guanyin because. I make art. Mostly avant-garde art. Let me show you how I make art. States Term. I am usually in my studio with my easels and my brushes and then: Oh my god!

Oh my god! If anyone is responsible for the dire state of art today it is not I with my transcendent approaches to art, it is Clement Greenberg. Yes, I am talking about you, Clement Greenberg! I was just reading about Clement Greenberg the other day. As a child, Clement Greenberg was very exigent. Once his mother asked him Why do you, Clement.

Exhibition Report Benoit Aquin, Untitled – from the writing Series “L’odyssee”, 1997, Print 2003, Ink-Jet Print, 1/5, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Indeed, the first idea coming to michael montaigne essay, the viewer’s mind would be that the photograph has been taken at the right moment from a car window while this man was walking home, dreaming, after a long night partying in some sideline place in Montreal. Writing Services. There are different stages while looking at the photograph. Essays On Baz. The man, main subject, has been taken entirely, with a facial angle and centered, where his black shoes are located on the top of the writing rear view mirror, set at one third of the photograph. Even though. Essay on North Carolina Welcomes Visitors. all, visitors to the North Carolina Art Museum are sure to leave with a deeper appreciation for the art this state inspires. North Carolina's Historical Attractions On top of write application essay possessing marvelous cultural attractions, North Carolina has some of the best historical attractions found anywhere in the United States.

One example of these fantastic historical attractions is the USS North Carolina which is a battleship museum located in Wilmington. This museum is a fascinating historical display with. Essay Conflict of an Insurance Broker. AA present the only four solicited proposals to the museum due to writing, the high financial stake in the outcome, this is the ninety-five, morally wrong. Second, if AA present the Reliable bid to the museum, the stake will be high.

Because Reliable is a financially shaky insurance company that may probably raise the provided premium in the future years. If so, AA will bring the blame of museum for not making suitable evaluation. Furthermore, Allowing the museum to accept a low-ball bid, not a reliable bid, might also. Ancient Egypts Effect on Modern Society Essay. much can be speculated. So the museum helps give this bored person a chance to view what is left of Ancient Egypt and to escape from their reality and escape to this mysterious world. This strengthens the relationship between Ancient Egypt and the public because people desire that mystery and they can get it by viewing the mystery of Ancient Egypt at the museum. One more way the museum strengthens this relationship is by adding more to the mystery. Meaning the museum shows the public a depiction. Major Tourist Attractions in Chicester Essay. choose from write essay a range of writing services provided guided tours in groups and individually.

One can enjoy superb cloisters in Cafe and Shop including facilities for disabled. 2. Michael. Chicester District Museum Chicester district takes pride for the District Museum. The museum offers an writing services provided, excellent learning opportunity for children and adults alike. States. The museum boasts collections starting from ice-age mammoth of some recent, historical events. While the ice-age mammoth reminds one of provided prehistoric times, displays of tools from Mesolithic. Essay about The Diversity of united states of america term paper Louisiana Welcomes Visitors.

contributions to modern history is the writing services provided National World War II Museum in united states term paper, New Orleans. Originally started in the 1990s by the famed historian, Stephen Ambrose, this museum tells the writing services story of how Louisiana's boat building industry helped to build the landing craft that carried US troops to victory in the Pacific and at Normandy. Origami Essay. With exhibits on a number of key events in writing services, World War II and the role the US played in essays, those events, this museum preserves this story in services provided, a fascinating way that visitors are certain. American Character - Then and montaigne essay, Now Essay. Paintings and museums were very influential. Charles Willson Peale, founder of the Academy of Fine Arts, introduced another element to American character which had not been recognized as much as that of the rough, outdoors man. Writing Services Provided. By showcasing plants, animals, and the infamous mastodon, Peale associated American character with intelligence, imagination, practicality, and independence Philadelphia Meuseum of Art).

While providing all of this visual stimulation, Peale believed his museum provided an. Essay on Native Americans: The Pequot Tribe. The Pequot tribe has made efforts to preserve its past history and rich heritage which is evident from the various cultural objects exhibited in Mashantucket Pequot museum . The Mashantucket Pequot museum has preserved the memories and how to write, cultural richness of the Pequot people to be witnessed by the modern society. The museum exhibits the past history of Pequot people which includes history about the arrival of Pequot people in Connecticut State, their interaction with the European settlers, the changing. Cultural Activity Report Essay examples. All of the exhibits in this museum were amazing however these two informational items made a huge impact on me. I love the quote that is future on the museum website and on the wall as soon as you enter into the museum which reads “O let America be America again, the land that never has been yet—and yet must be—the land where every man is free.” This quote was written by Langston Hughes from “Let America Be America Again” in 1935.

As mentioned in chapter 26 of our text these horrific accounts of. Essay on Significance of Song lines to Aboriginal Culture. The journey of an Ancestral Being endeavoring through the landscape forming laws, fauna and flora is aptly named a Dreaming Track (Australian Museum, 2009). Therefore, the belief in metaphysical beings has created the social foundations, such as morals, values and laws, of which the pre-colonial Aboriginal society followed. Songlines were not only writing services, a means of navigation but as reasoning for the creation of write essay physical life. Bruce Chatwin provides evidence of writing this within his novel, The Songlines through. The Significance of Benin Art and Artifacts Essay.

still seen in the Pitt Rivers Museum in caltech, Oxford. It has anachronistically became a “Museum Museum” as it retains the large display cabinets common a century ago and affords a glimpse at services provided, how the caltech instructions civilised west viewed the primitive Dark Continent. During the late twentieth century the academic fields of anthropology and art history began to acknowledge a crossover of both materials and sources and a common challenge in how to engage the public. In France “. museums with . or taking place of people going to museums to appreciate the real works of art. Why go all the way to a museum, when I can see them hanging on my calendar? In my case, I still go to the museums, but simple things like the wall calendar help me to see these works of art everyday. I do believe though, that the commercializing of “great” works of art does diminish somewhat, the works grandeur, and brings it down to a more common level. When I have gone to museums and have seen the real works of art. The Pullman Porters Essay example. beliefs in writing services, justice for everyone. In the origami essay museum there are various pictures of A. Philip Randolph and with great reason.

I think that it is a great honor to know that A. Philip Randolph was a black man who rejected a huge bribe during a difficult time, which could have made him a rich man with no financial worries for services, the rest of his life. My trip to origami essay, the Pullman Porter Museum was very pleasing to me because I made some connections of terms mentioned at the museum with some I learned in class. Before. Postmodern Concepts#x27; Influence on Museology Essay. for curators to choose contemporary artworks. Since the first modern museum, in the end of the 18th century to the early 19th century, a variety of audiences have attended seeking innovation and services provided, inspiration and this influences the choice of museum classification. The Ninety-five Thesis. Museum classifications meet the writing provided needs of the public, giving them originality and exploring different meanings of art. Curators achieve this by exploring different museum classifications such as: installation art, lighting displays (like Vivid. somewhat controversial at luhrmann, the time: another danger piece was Doomed, in which Burden lay motionless in a museum gallery under a slanted sheet of glass, with a clock running nearby.

Unbeknownst to writing provided, the museum owners, the concept of Doomed was that Chris was prepared to on baz, remain in that position until someone from the museum staff interfered in writing services provided, some way with the piece. Origami Essay. Forty-five hours later, a museum guard placed a pitcher of writing services provided water next to Burden, thus ending the piece. This artworked moved like few others. This, in turn must include the artist’s name, the name of the montaigne essay work of writing provided art exhibition in the room where this work of art inside the museum. This database could include subfields as the origin of the thesis instructions artist, the writing time of this work of art, whether the work originated from the museum or borrowed from other museums and caltech instructions, the duration of the loan. At this stage, logical design starts from the result of conceptual design, which is services provided, changing to suit the technology to be employed. More specifically, it is. Women Artists and the Female Form Essay. Curatorial Assistant, Department of Photography at essay, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, organized Sherman’s exhibition which was at MoMA February 26-June 11, 2012. Services Provided. The exhibition was not on the Photography Floor, but on the sixth floor, which is origami essay, dedicated to special exhibitions.

After leaving MoMA in June, the exhibition then traveled to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, then the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and finally at the Dallas Museum of Art. It appears Respini’s goal was to provide a. The Communication of Exhibition and its Impact on Audience Learning. design is to create an appropriate learning context for audience. Over past years, education has been increasingly recognised as an important mission of modern museum fields. Although some raise the question about the didactic significance of museum, there is provided, still a large volume among spheres of sociology, pedagogy, and museum studies that maintain institution to a degree can be seen as a learning space of ‘informal education’ (Heimlich, 1993). From the angle of literal definition, ‘informal. historically iconic photographs that are etched in the African-American consciousness. On Baz. When Willis first saw Van der Zee photos at services, the Metropolitan Museum of Art she experienced a sense of pride. In fact, the Van der Zee’s exhibit “Harlem on My Mind” meant so much to her that she revisited the museum five times, all this while protesters marched outside of the museum. Van der Zee focuses mainly on two things with his photographs – the importance of states of america paper family in the African-American community and the middle.

losing any of the builds feature. (Minner , Kelly . Neues Museum / David Chipperfield Architects in collaboration with Julian Harrap 28 Apr 2011. ArchDaily. In conclusion, after the research through this essay, we strongly agree with the quote “The relationship between the object and the intervening spaces is not formal: it is always rooted in the context of a particular setting”. Hence the Neues Museum is situated on an island which surrounded by other neo-classical. or work was so cool to see. Services Provided. Could you ever imagine your plastic bottles, your plastic bath tub you used when you were a baby or even your toilet, be in a world famous museum?

The City Museum has it all. From small candy wrappers to giant trains and united states of america term, airplanes those were all used and now reused by the museum. It was the coolest museum I have ever seen! Especially because there were lots of slides! And it really says that if you want to make something big out of garbage, really and writing provided, literally make something.

Modern vs. Postmodern Architecture Essay. American architect of states all time, but among the 1141 works Wright designed during his 70 years long remarkable career, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City perhaps stands apart by its grandiosity, eloquence, and elegance. Envisioned as an exhibition building and luxury apartment complex for the Guggenheim Foundation’s first museum - The Museum of Non-Objective Painting - in 1943, Wright’s remarkable artwork, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and overlooking Central Park, by writing services its. Essay about montaigne essay, An Analysis of J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

of the biggest struggles that adolescents try to deal with – change. The display at the museum appeals to Holden because they are always frozen and unchanging. According to the article “Coping Effectively with Change,” teens and adolescents fear growing up and want to stay young forever. They fear the writing services provided adult world and luhrmann, what they should expect from it (Hennessy, 2010). “The best thing, though, in provided, that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move…Nobody’d be different.